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Red Stick Woodworks was born from a desire to have the very best of outdoor furniture.

We love our backyard living but have never been quite satisfied with the seating accommodations generally available at the area patio & garden stores. The cushions will mildew and fall apart due to rain and humidity. It rains so often here in South Louisiana, putting them away is impractical. When it does not rain, the sun is so hot it bleaches the cushions of all color. The mesh chairs we have had also fade and mildew. Wrought iron furniture is hard and uncomfortable for the long term. We were constantly on the lookout for something more appealing, more comfortable and more durable.

Wood is an obvious option. Living in south Louisiana it seemed that cypress would be the wood of choice. However, only “old growth” cypress truly possesses the qualities for durable outdoor use. The supply of old growth cypress has been practically exhausted. Other sorts of wood, such as teak and mahogany, are in such short supply that the prices exceed practicality of use in the quantity required for a volume of large applications.

Then we came across Western Red Cedar. This wood comes from a highly managed forestry, which means it is not being depleted from the face of the earth. It is extremely resistant to insects and decay. It dries very quickly because it does not retain moisture. It is attractive. It is strong, but not so heavy as to be unmanageable. It is very workable in the aspects of cutting, sanding, assembling and finishing, although finishing is not required for outdoor durability.

Eureka! Western Red Cedar is the answer.

We have years of crafting experience and discovered an outdoor furniture system based upon the use of Western Red Cedar. It was engineered for quality in every aspect ….. beautiful appearance, long term comfort and consistency, promising years of pleasure for those who integrate the chairs and tables into their outdoor living.

Red Stick means more than Baton Rouge! It means Western Red Cedar and Red Stick Woodworks is your source of quality outdoor furnishings.


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